Friday, December 17, 2010

epic comeback.

Hey. Yeah, its been a while. Too long since I last wrote anything, except for my auto-anniversary-posts. Can you believe it? 1 year 4 months and still counting. :D I love you Syafique. Notice the header? My eyes in this shot were ridiculously weird so I decided to cover them up. But hey, look at the hottie next to me. Isn't he hawt? Aaaauuuwww~ He is hot. AND he is always going "I'm not good looking" bullshit. Sweetheart, you are hawt.

That shot was taken on our anniversary, at the KLIMS '10. It was awesome. We had several anniversary souvenirs. Like, we paid 25 for two shots with Bumblebee from Transformers. I am not into the movies, but I was so into the animated series way back when I was a little brat (which I still am.) But, its off limits to thy readers, sorry.

See? Syafique with Hang Lekir and Proton model. Susah payah tauk nak kasi model tu out of the picture, tapi dia pose jugak. Hish. -__-' Bantai ajelah. Nasib baik jauh. :D Ghehehe.

Anyway, moving on. Results! My results were okay. Average, as always. Haih. I am such an average girl. I wanna be better. I am suppose to. For myself, and family, and my own in the future. *Wink wink*.

Few weeks ago, Momma treated me and my sibs to Rapunzel Tangled Tale, or I think it was the title. So anyway, it was so beautiful, and since Rapunzel was never a Disney Princess, this movie really put her in the zone. The songs was tearful, and Pascal, her baby chameleon is uber cutie~ But my Syafique tops eveything. :P

I remembered, I was talking to Syafique one time, while watching tv shows. This was more or less.

Ell : Sayang, rata-rata orang nama Lisa mesti muka tahpape kan. Tak lawa sangat.
Syafiq : Ha'ah. Muka biasa-biasa.
Ell : Macam dalam ANTM dulu, ada sorang tu nama Lisa, tak lawa sangat. Kenapa eh. Hish.
Syafiq : Tapi ada la sorang nama Lisa cantik.
Ell : Huh?
Syafiq : Elisa Aiza.
Ell : *Blush* Tahpape la kan. Saje la tu nak buat orang perasan.

Awwwww. You are too sweet. Sorry lahh, I only wanna talk about this man, and nothing else that matters more.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

i love you ♥

Sixteen Months

I love you Syafique