Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Heyy. :)

Yesterday I went to Red Wok for breakfast. I joined in Boyfriend's group, which kinda makes me an outsider. *Shrugs. But it was fun. :) I had a blast eating with Boyfriend beside me. We ate a lot, I think we ate too much. Well, he said its okay, as long as there are no leftovers, because there is sort of charges for leftovers. At first it was like, unbelievable how much the guys took. MASSIVE. But it seems like the first trip was not enough. :D

Tapi okay la. Best.

Right now, I am blogging because Boyfriend is taking Test 2 for TAX320 and I am left out, alooooneeee. *Moans. I asked his permission to go online and do blog stuff *Wink wink. So, I guess I am posting this because I can, and I am also in the middle of 'renovating' bloggie. BUT, by the time YOU read this, bloggie is already wearing its new look. Takpe la, asalkan puas hati.

Lately kan, I have problems with my throat. :( On the first week of fasting month, I had viral fever that lasted a week. After the fever went by, my selsema left behind. Until now. :( On the other day, I could almost taste the gross of my kahak. Until today. *Sobs. Tak tahu la ngape jadi begini. Haih. So, asyik batuk je la kan.



Monday, August 15, 2011

my fingers went numb. my brains went dumb.


Okay. That was a lousy starter. But, oh well. Lets begin.

HELLO AGAIN. I've got spidey webs all over my blog since I haven't dropped by in months. Sorry deary bloggie. I'm sorry readers (if there are any, actually. I have my doubts. Hah.)

So, what happened?? Been busy. You know. Same 'ol same 'ol busy wuzzy life. Studies are much harder in final semesters, tonnes of assignments, presentations. Like, are they trying to kill us or what?

AND, I gained weight. :( Gemok da. Actually, I am already fat, but getting fatter. I just love food, enjoy eating so much I just can't stop. Subhannallah. Boyfriend pun makin kurang sayang kan? :( Eh tak, joking. EH, by the way, Happy Puasa. Did you guys missed any? What are your cravings this fasting month? I am so craving Sup Soto that I eat every other day with Boyfriend (he ate something else... sombong dengan soto) or Sambal Terong and Tempe. Yum yum. Uhhhh. Control your cravings people. Kalau tak nanti gemok, tak cantik.

BY THE WAY, we as in me and Boyfriend just celebrated our 2 years anniversary. Hehe. I still remember those days where I had major crush on him, my every posts being all about him. LOL. Ain't I cheesy? I guess you get cheesy when you're in love. :) We had a lovely day just the two of us that day. (Walaupun hari kolej...) Happy saje. Then, blush blush sama-sama mengenangkan zaman awal bercinta dulu. *Guffaw.

Like, those late night calls. Or when he calls my name in class, and I would just turn around and grin like a little girl.

SAYANG, remember discrimination? :) <------ Inside joke.

Also, I chopped my hair off, like 10 inches of them. :( Though I kinda feel so sad since I am so attached to my long rapunzel hair, I love my new look. 
Comel kan Boyfriend kat belakang? :D

Tu je kott. Nanti tak sibuk and Boyfriend kasi pinjam lappy update lagi.
So long.

there's a fire, starting in my heart.

This sucks, okay?
Who do you think you are? Thinking that you could just, uh, drop by and say hi? Like, whatever man.

Things, or even life do not work that easy. We work to get some things in life, and we just don't go leaving things hanging around and hope to be back and continue what was left over. It just don't work that way. Don't go around poking other people's life around, messing things up, more that what you already had. Ruining everything. Relationships that are built strong could just fall apart just because you go and mess with people, hoping to just slip in and continue life as it was.

You don't deserve that kind of credit. who would want to credit their agony to you? I mean, that's just feeding your ego, and I am no ego-feeder. 

So, just fuck away. We don't need you presence. We don't need your intervention.

I hate you.
I loathe you.
I don't give a damn about you.

PS: The ex 'dropped by' unexpectedly to the doorstep of my polished life. Sheesh.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i love you ♥

Twenty Four Months

I love you Syafique