Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Heyy. :)

Yesterday I went to Red Wok for breakfast. I joined in Boyfriend's group, which kinda makes me an outsider. *Shrugs. But it was fun. :) I had a blast eating with Boyfriend beside me. We ate a lot, I think we ate too much. Well, he said its okay, as long as there are no leftovers, because there is sort of charges for leftovers. At first it was like, unbelievable how much the guys took. MASSIVE. But it seems like the first trip was not enough. :D

Tapi okay la. Best.

Right now, I am blogging because Boyfriend is taking Test 2 for TAX320 and I am left out, alooooneeee. *Moans. I asked his permission to go online and do blog stuff *Wink wink. So, I guess I am posting this because I can, and I am also in the middle of 'renovating' bloggie. BUT, by the time YOU read this, bloggie is already wearing its new look. Takpe la, asalkan puas hati.

Lately kan, I have problems with my throat. :( On the first week of fasting month, I had viral fever that lasted a week. After the fever went by, my selsema left behind. Until now. :( On the other day, I could almost taste the gross of my kahak. Until today. *Sobs. Tak tahu la ngape jadi begini. Haih. So, asyik batuk je la kan.



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