Saturday, June 27, 2009

do you hear me, talking to you.

New bloggie.
I've been thinking - a lot, about setting up this new blog.
Few reasons up in my head.

1) My previous blog was waaay too personal. I've just realized that. Yes.
2) I want to start fresh. New beginning. No more past. (Okay, I take that back, less past.)
3) I picked Alter Ego because I believe I have another personality within me that is killing her way out. HAHA. Weird eyh?

So I won't be doing those typical starting post which I should introduce myself, yadayadayada, blablabla.

Hmmm. Wait.
Maybe I will.

I am Lisa and I love sharing stories with people because I talk less and write more.

Hah, stupid intro, but that will do.

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