Saturday, June 27, 2009

oh its not fair, i think you're really mean.

Yaayy. I have eye bags. (trying to be sarcastic right there.)

I do have eye bags though. Thanks to the 2 hours sleep I manage to get last night, or, this morning. So cheer on people. Classic. I am currently living pathetically.

Here's why.

I have been irresponsibly happy for the past four months since that massive breakup (fuck the past, the past). Yes. I am not responsible for my own for-god-sake happiness. Four months. That is huge, for me. Sadly, that sudden happiness just crashed down right inside of me. I thought I'd let it flow up until my oh-so-scandalous birthday but even that is not going to happen. Say bye-bye happy, hello gloomy.

Can anyone, anyone tell me what on Earth is going on? I am so very confuse right now that my body is shivering from head to toe. This is one pathetic turning point of my life I have to live through even though I have tried avoiding it.

All I really really REALLY need now is Aza. :(( She knows the exact words to comfort me and help me through pre-hell. AZA, I WANT YOU SO BAD.

So vague. So fragile. Repulsive.

To those who can't stand the smiling face I've been wearing, be glad. Its coming off now. For the first time after months, I cried earlier and I believe its not ending there.

I'm so tired. In fact, even the super strong alter ego I have can't stand these, these, confusions. Too bad.

I need rescuing. Please?

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