Tuesday, July 28, 2009

and i wish that i didn't need you so bad.

This is what happen when I am left alone while everyone is upstairs, snoring deep into their fantasy dreams. My mind starts to ramble with all the unwanted facts. Making me scared up to my veins. *Shivers.

This is so typical me. I'm paranoid. I'm scared. I can't help myself but to think of the possibilities of losing him though conceptually, he's not even mine. Last night's conversation kept on rewinding itself in my head over and over again even when I shut the darn TV off. (What the hell? So out of topic...) Normally, it won't even budge my shiver nerve cells but after last night, I could not sleep well. I kept on dreaming - bad dreams. Sheesh. This is so hard to put in words. I can't even type what I want to say. Bigger problems in making me say it with my own voice. Its indescribable.

What if she steals your heart back and leave me with minor chances?

PS : I'm rambling? No idea.

1 comment:

syafique said...

don't let that "bitch" do that.