Monday, July 13, 2009

but at least i got the courage to admit the crime.

Monday equals to awkward day. HAHA.

I hate my schedule, especially Mondays. ;| I have a 4-hour gap in between. Worse. I waited 4 darned hours and that class got canceled. I roared at Aliaa and Afiq. Pity them. Frustrated. Four hours for nothing. Like, duuuuuuuh. I could have go home and rest. My emotions are not in their best conditions.

Alas and alack. The waiting was just excruating. I had lunch with Dyla, Mira and Wida (...notice how their name sounds so much alike...) and sat with them later on. Was very sleepy. ;| Stomach full, afternoon. Yeah. Sleepy.

I tagged along with Dyla to Komasa and when I got back to the lower level, bam! Shocked. Speechless. What is he doing there? I went from sleepy to fresh. LOL. I barely sit when Adli called out for me. When I got back to my seat, Aswad insisted me to follow him for lunch. AGAIN? Oh no. I did not eat lunch. ;P I am not willing to look at myself every morning with flabby fats. I'd cry. ;(

So, I followed Aswad and Fara and sat like a quiet little girl while they both chit chat about Saka and whatsoever. I'm too "city-minded" to actually understand. ;| Good thing I was texting someone. At least the boredom I experienced was reduced by 50%. LOL. After he enjoyed his lunch, we hang around in one of those small little consultation rooms. Both of them sang to songs I do not know. Then this happened after Aswad hung up his phone.

Fara : Awek ke Aswad? Budak mana?
Aswad : A'ah. Alah. Budak sini jugak.
(Then I forgot what they talked about as I was busy texting *winks*)
Fara : Ooooh. Dia tahu tak kau rapat dengan Lisa?
Aswad : Tau. Tau je.
Fara : Nik dulu tahu?
Aswad : Nik pun tahu. Aku, budak ni, semua dia tahu. Apa yang aku ada, semua dia ada. Ok. Kecuali badan aku la.
(We roar in laughters)
Aswad : Tapi Lisa dia tak boleh terima Syuk ni. Nik dia boleh terima lagi.
(Ini lah saat saya membuat muke mengejek sebab girlfriend dia sekarang tak lawa.)
Lisa : Dah tu. Orang cari la yang lawa sikit. Ni tak. Eeee. Tolong la.
Aswad : Kau senang la nak cakap. Kau lain.
(Entah, tak paham.)
Aswad : Lisa ni pun, aku pernah keneng-keneng kan. Siap menjadi tuuu. Sayang je.
(Saya menjadi emo di saat ini.)
Lisa : Tu la pasal. Jadi gila kan. Heh.
Fara : Oh, siapa?
Aswad : Arwah ........
Fara : ........
Lisa : Mmmmmm.

Wah. I got mentally emotional that moment. ;( Too many frustrations. Sheeeesh.

Basically, I am very emotional today.

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