Friday, July 3, 2009

change, like secrets in the wind i hear the whispers madame butterfly.

So, today went as bad as anyone can imagine. >.< Bad hair day, bad shoe day, bad time day, bad mood day. You name it. I got up really early. I ate breakfast. I told Momma, I wanna leave at 9 a.m. I got ready and by 9 I was ready to go. But no one would want to sent me. I waited for an hour. Wan sent me to Batu Tiga station. 5 minutes away and I saw the train pass by! Ohmigosh! I waited for 20 minutes for the next one. My shoes squashed. :( Both of them. Stupid shoes. I ran to Sogo and bought myself new ones. I am already late. Dyla kept calling. Abah kept calling. I missed the train, again. :( I finally arrived. Back gate, closed. Shit. I had to walk, almost all the way round to that new stupid gate. I arrived, registeration will be continued after Friday Prayers. Sheesh. My hair, everything in a mess. I was sweating. Bad bad day! I was tired. I followed Dyla to print out her Pre Registeration Subject. Then, pass through Cafeteria. I looked up, ha, he was smiling at me. :) I was pretty messed up so I have no idea whether I smiled back or not. Sheessh. I wished I was invincible. He smiled grinned and I shrieked at Dyla. She was like "Okaaaaaaaaaay. Relax la." LOL. First good thing that actually happened today. :P Gedik gedik.

Later on, Dyla and myself belasah through registeration. We went up and checked our schedules. Yayy! Mostly with Dyla, at least I'd have a friend. Dyla went out. I stayed. I had nothing to do so I went and searched for his schedule. ROTF. Got same class! ;P Gedik gedik.

My green Kebaya got some compliments. ;)) Second best thing that happened from one single individual. >.< HOyeah. My schedules killed me. Literally. My jaws dropped at the sight of it. Kill me now, kill me. :D

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