Saturday, July 11, 2009

don't wait for the hands of time to second guess and change your mind.

My schedule literally killed me last week. I come home exhausted, every single day, having little amount of energy for the rest of the day. Classes are waaaaay too crowded and this is a bad sign. How am I suppose to focus with a lot of people around? HOmigosh. I need to stay focus. HELP.
This is one of Aza's "ceramah" I received through the phone. ;P
Aza : Cha, kalau you fikir hati you dulu boleh tak? Ni tau nak jaga hati orang lain je.
Lisa : Eleyh. Cakap orang, you pun sama. Heee.
Aza : Sebab I dah la I takmau you guys kena jugak. I fikir sangat si _____ tu baru I fikir myself so I dapat macam ni. I deserve la kott apa yang I dapat ni.

Aza's been trying to tell me not to over-cared about others and neglect my own precious fragile feelings fully. Too bad I'm not good in that department. I'm afraid that I would hurt others if I start caring about myself. *SIGHS.

My birthday went quite smoothly. Thanks to everyone who wished me, I appreciated it much. Aswad made a it quite a gushy moment when he told almost everyone he met. He even sang for me. :) Thanks Ina for your lovely post. *Flattered. Plus, I got chocolates from two people. :D I literally went to JB after a 4-hours drive that night. LOL. That sort of "journey" happened like, once in a blue moon and gosh, best lah! Seriously. :P

Monday was awkward. I had to pretend it was nothing.
No classes on Tuesday.
Almost bumped on each other on Wednesday.
Thursday, shocked perhaps?
Friday. LOL.
Saturday : moody all day long.
AND I woke up this morning with a huge grin after reading that text. :)

By the way, I am trying to lessen up my texting habit. I have to control my obsessions over my handphone as I need to struggle and push myself. Won't be going online as much too. >.< Sorry if too busy for you, okay? :)

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