Thursday, July 16, 2009

i came apart inside a world made of angry people.

This week has witnessed me blush furiously too much. ;) Waaaay too much. My jaw hurt due to excessive smiling. Tuesday witnessed as a "heart-to-heart" almost 3 hours conversation happened. I slept like a little child with a smile pasted upon my face. It was unexpected. VERY unexpected but I guess I was glad it did. I think I am glad. Mmmmm. Or maybe I am scared. I don't know. I am confused with my own feelings. Takut syok sendiri. ;|

BUT I do enjoy all of our "secret meetings" very very VERY much. Teheeeee. Today's one of the best. Tapi dia "jahat". He snapped my picture. I was looking pretty messed up. ;| Embarrassing much. Secretly, deep down, my heart was thumping wild. Gosh. He's in front of me, very less than 50 meters. Very close. But still far away.

And when I look at you, I go crazy deep down inside. The urge to scream is undeniably high. I wish the time would just stop so that I'd have all the time in the world to cherish when I am around you. Just by having you in the same room could lift up my spirits.

I like you.
I like you.
I like you.

Only you.

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