Wednesday, July 1, 2009

i know some might say, that i'm wasting time.

Venue : The kitchen.

It all happened yesterday evening. Momma was cooking Soto Daging. Nabila and myself sat facing each other at the breakfast bar, cleaning up taugeh. LOL.

Lisa : Mom, can I not eat?
Momma : *Made faces. Up to you. (Pauses) But I thought you like tulang.

(Momma disappeared to the back of the kitchen.)

Nabila : Kenapa takmau makan? Diet ke? Lisa diet.
Lisa : *Whispers. Dah gemuk. Nanti pergi kelas takda baju.
Nabila : Gemok? Keding je. Tulang je. Nabila macam ni pun malas nak diet.
Lisa : *Grins.
Momma : (Suddenly reappears) Lisa dah gemok. Kena diet.
Lisa : Heee. Tengok. Mama pun cakap.
Nabila : Dak eh. Berat Lisa berapa?
Lisa : *Whispers. 47 . Hehe.
Nabila : Ceh. Ingat 50++. Sama je dengan Along. Along pun 47 . Okay la tu.
Lisa : Mama kata tak. *Laughs.

At last, I ate dinner. ;D This morning I checked up on my weight and I am 1 kg lighter. Yippee~ So right now I am 46 kgs. Jeeeez. Gold weight = 40 kgs perhaps? :P

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