Tuesday, July 28, 2009

meet me halfway, right at the boarderline.

*Updated 31st July.

That's a looooong gap since I last blogged here. Sorry for that. I have been a very busy young lady and now I am very "free". Sheesh. That is so unlikely. Mid semester breaks for UiTM had been brought forward to this week, very much thank you to that harmful H1N1 virus. Curse you~ Please oh please find the cure faster.

Yasmin Ahmad passed away. Al-Fatihah. May you rest in peace. We Malaysians will miss your Petronas ideas very much.

My "tight" schedule could not fit time for me to sit back and blog everything out nowadays. I prefer sleeping than persuading my pitiful eyes to stay awake for me to blog. I still want to live and have kids rather than wasting my time caring for my eyes when I had decided to ruin it to blog my life out. Thank you very much. I went to the Curve on Sunday, Momma had something in mind at Ace Hardware so I just ran along to Borders, my heaven on Earth. There was some book-signing by Xandria Ooh, or whatsoever her name is. Who is she? I have no idea. She's anonymous to my already drama-filled life. I found a new little black dress series book, The Girlfriend Curse. Totally took my attention. Tehee. We went home sooner than I thought, since Momma had bought what she was seeking for.

So, other vicious updates. My favourite part is first in line (of course), that is Syafique~ Tehee. Here's my list for you, Mr. Comel sirre.
1. I like you.
2. I love you.
3. I adore you.
4. I'm crazy over you.
5. I have a crush on you.
6. I am head over heels for you.
7. I am obsessed about you.
8. I am intoxicated by you.
9. I less than three you. I heart you.

There you go. 9, as I had promised you last Friday. :) We had "dates". Tehee. Yeah. I want to call those so-called secret meetings "dates". Guilty? Charge me and arrest me, please. ;D

A secret date (okaaaaaay, not so secret anymore) with Syafique. ;D Heeeeee. He walked me to the train station (which is SUPER sweet) and I could not walk up the stairs because I do not want to part away from him. ;( I eventually did with a heavy heart. *Sighs. I went off to Bandar Tasik Selatan where my cousin, Nabila is waiting. We travelled to KL Sentral together and waited like 40 minutes to finally board the sardinized train. Sheesh. I killed most of my 40 minutes calling up Syafique. ;D I am never content with what I get, especially in his case. I want to talk to him 24/7 if I possible. I bet 24/7 won't still be enough for me. I guess I am addicted to this adorable Syafique. Seriously.

Went out with Nabila to the Curve. I wanted to ask Syafique to tag along but being the shy me, I did not. ;( Nabila kept on pushing me. "Ajak la dia. Ajak la dia." I was darn shy. Besides, he's too far away. *Sighs. So, tak jumpa lah walaupun hati teringin. ;P

Disaster. Tragedy. I was victimized. *Sobs. I told Syafique all about it that night. He was furious because I did not do as he asked me to. Sorry Syafique~ I was scared. ;( At the same time, I was touched! Syafique cares about me. Yippeeeeeeee!

I arrived quite early for LAW 240. Heeeee. Saya ada pemangkin semangat! I sat at the back, alone. Then Syafique arrived. He sat behind me. I pretended to focus on the newspaper in my hands but my heart kept on thumping and screamed "Syafiq kat belakang! HOmigosh, HOmigosh, HOmigosh~" I kept my cool (poyolah) and pretended like nothing happened. Then, Yasmin texted. "Kelas law cancel, tolong sebarkan." Wadafaklah kata hati saya. I woke up super super early and class got cancelled and Yasmin informed me like 20 minutes later and you get the picture, right? So, I "stomped" out the class. Met Syafique outside. Tehee. Then he went to the washroom. I'm like, takkan nak ikut. So I left with a heavy heart. Then, text text text. We met. ;) After that date, he walked me to class. Heeee. I'm like, YAYY ME, the guy I adore much is walking beside me to my class. Thump thump goes my heart. Diffan just grinned at the sight of me grinning. LOL. Then, he left to Level 2. I waited with Diffan when we finally learned that the venue changed to Level 2. Haiyaaa. If only I'd knew that early. Can walk with Syafique a little longer. *Winks. That night, I told him about this guy who texted me, anonymously.

I met him at the library. Dating lagi ni. *Winks. Why la? Everytime my eyes set upon him, my heart just melts. I melt like butter to oil. Tehee. I parked my ass there and just observe him. Comel bangat deyh~ Then, something happened (totally my stupid mistake) and it turned the whole atmosphere around. *Sighs. Sorry Syafique. He walked to me Student Square and left for class. That was not one happy part-away moment. ;| I went for lunch with Shu, back again in Student Square. Texted him. I had not meet him much after our not-so-happy part-away moments until law class. His face was tight and my mood was down. No mood at all. I walked home, alone. (Sedih). He called me that night, we talked about it.

He saw me walking with Adli alone. The reality : there were three of us, Adli, myself and Diffan. We met that evening. I promised to no longer skip classes. My bad. (Kena marah ouh) BUT I promised. So I won't do it anymore. Our meeting spot this time is at Level 3. Tehee. He copied some of my pictures (some, as in 25 pieces!). Tengah bermesra,saya pun merajuk dan lari. ;P Agak mengada la but I had my reasons. Best part? He ran and chased up after me, except that, he went to the wrong direction. *Flattered. I ran down while he ran up. He called up and we met again. So, the hunt for empty space began again. We went up and down tapi tak jumpa. At last, we sat outside. ;) Then, he walked me to the train station, once more. It was incredible for me to have the guy I adore much walking up beside me. Parting ways were always the worst part cause I don't want to part away!

At first, "konon-konon" merajuk. ;P As I walked out of class and walked alone, he called. ;D We met. Heee. Like the rest of the week. ;)) In the middle of sending me to the train station, we sort of date on that bridge. Tehee. Who cares? As long as he's right next to me, any place in the world seems fine.

I woke up late and was really effing not well so I decided to skip the day but I remembered I had to quizzes to attend so I just had to get my butt of my bed and got ready A.S.A.P. Sheesh. Lynn wanted to pick me up at the LRT so I just waited there and then she asked me to walk to some sort of fly-over which was darn scary and creepy but I did anyway. I did not tell him specifically where I was and it made him made. ;( Sorry again. My fault. I should have told you. Later on. MGT class. Class finished off early so we're allowed to leave early. ;D I sat outside the class with Lynn when Adli suddenly approached me. Sheesh Adli. Anyway, I met him soon after than and we went down where another scene with Adli happened. Syafique had received a call from Arif, Adli came out of nowhere and just grinned sheepishly at the sight of me with Syafique. Then, another scene with Arif. I felt very awkward like that. Then, we walked to the train station. ;) Comel tak, jalan sama-sama? ;)) Then Syah called. Huagh. I guess that just spolied his mood. ;((

Wuhhuuu. Isn't that a little bit too much of details? ;P Blueek. I don't care. HOwell.

By the way. I'm going back to hometown tomorrow morning. Momma's driving. Mirol has been suspected of the H1N1 virus and his school : MRSM Kepala Batas has been closed down for a week. I'm worried of his health for god sake let him be alright. ;| I think we'll be back home by tomorrow night, if possible. Who knows? But we'll be home. I might have to quarantine myself too if he's coming home. 7 days right? OHwell. I hope everything turns out okay. *Sighs.

Another thing to say here. I don't wanna lose you to her. Na-ah. When you told me she called you two days in a row, I felt a lump in heart. A massive lump. I'm scared. Seriously. Please don't leave.

Hugs and kisses people.

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