Thursday, August 20, 2009

and history was made when those eyes looked back into mine.

Today is one of the happiest (so far) and the funniest, as Syafique had claimed. Tehee.

I finally get to be done with my so-called deal with him today. :) Yayy me! It was delirious, being all gushed up all over my boyfriend in public view. It made him "a bit" uncomfortable but it when well after few minutes.

Crowds started to grow that he made me part away from hugging his arm. Sheesh.Tu la, uncomfy, right? :P But my head remain close to his shoulder. Who cares? My boyfriend, okay. Nak sandar manja. Biarlah. :P As the crowd start to grow, I saw her. Huuuu.

Lepas tu mula la main pandang-pandang boyfriend orang. Sekeh kepala karang. =.=' Saya pun tiba-tiba bertransformasi menjadi gedik dan tunjuk kegedikkan saya kepada boyfriend saya dekat semua orang. :D

If only there was a signboard around, I'd scribbled

"Peeps, here's my boyfriend, Syafique the Teddy Bear and he's all mine." :)

Oh well. Things got better as the day began to come to an end. Parting is never my best gestures but I received two loving pecks. Yayy me~

Wo Ai Ni, Syafique. :D


syafique said...

ni jiao shen me ming??? :D

si kecik molek said...

translation :
you told me to shen-ming

sweetheart, what's that?