Sunday, August 30, 2009

the one thing that keeps me alive, i, just died in your eyes.

I need a whole week of space from :

1. Others.
2. Walls blocking us off each other.
3. T-Rex, that kills.
4. Problems in this relationship.
5. Everything, that gets in our way of plain happiness.

Just a week. This is a so-called "experiment".
Please? Thank you.
*DEEP sighs.

By the way, I won't be texting much, due to the tests and the rules I am obeying. There are several people guys I am not allowed to, so I won't. Do understand. Things are different for me now.

PS : I sighed deeply not because of feeling "berat hati". Its just, can everyone let us be? And that, will remain unanswered.

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syafique said...

*DEEP sighs.

ta sanggop kan.

thats y post macam nie.