Monday, August 24, 2009

somewhere we went wrong, we were once so strong.

Heyho~ :)

Lots to update. Lots to trash about. Tehee. OHwell. Here goes.

I went to college, but I was quite late. I called Chubby first, but she was not even out yet, by 7:40. Sheesh. Called Lynn next. She's still with her horny sleepy voice, :P Heeee. Called Diffan lastly. Diffan was also late. *Phew. So, I arrived around 8:15 perhaps? Not seeing the faces I called earlier in class, I decided to stall around outside. Caught a glimpse of my own boyfie from the back. :P Tehee. Called Diffan. Gosh, she was wearing purple, like yours truly. I sat next to her. Purple girls. Hoho. I found out Chubby won't be coming to class. So, its me and you then Diffan. Heeeee. Okay la tu, dari seorang diri macam Y bukan nama sebenar.

Gosh, Lisa, stop trashing people like that. Tehee.

So, anyway, as to make a story, kami pun berkepit bagai kembar bersama. Dah la purple, bagai berjanji. (Sumpah coincidence.) Aswad siap panggil boria lagi. Adoi.

As usual,when two people sit together plus the unlimited boredom, we start to gossip and baaaam! I learned that there is another bitch in sight. Gosh. Bitches, I hate much. (Saya geng Diffan lah, tak suka dengar pasal Bitch itu. Fuh fuh.) She's the second bitch on my current list. The first? Olivia. Heh. Not a real name though. But she's with Bluto. Eeeewww. EEEEWWW! Even posting their fake names also make me wanna puke. Second bitch's fakey name? Still in progress.

Control yourself, dammit Lisa. Puasa okay.

Okay, okay. Heeee. Next.

I felt like something missing in me today. I found out instantly though, its Syafique. I haven't seen him all daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. :( I miss you, badly. He said I looked Chubby. *Sighs. I. Don't. Want. To. Be. Chubby. But still, I miss you sweetheart~ I'm calling you, in less than half an hour. Yayy me.

AND I miss my babe, Aza. Nak you Aza. Nak you jugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak. :(

Got to go.
I'm calling him before 12. He's sleeping at 12. :)

Baby E.

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