Thursday, September 24, 2009

can't deny it, used to take weeks and persuasion.

*VERY Late post.

16th September '09.
9:49 pm.

I just got home from my date with my Hercules, Syafique.
Parting away (for a week or so) from you is not an easy task.
I miss you already. ;(
Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Thanks Syafique, for taking me out today.
Thanks Syafique, for spending almost the whole day with me.
Thanks Syafique, for treating me for break fast.
AND Thanks Syafique, for every little thing that you do.

Here's what happened.

I got up at 5 am, called him, waking him up for sahur. Talked a bit and ate sahur. Leave home by 7:15 am. Momma dropped me at Titiwangsa. I was stucked there. Train breakdown moments. Sheesh. Suddenly, Syafique texted, how am I going to college? No worries. Chubee saved the day. So, I went to Hang Tuah and changed route there. *Phew. I went to college, met Chubee and went to class. Dropped my bag in class and wondered off to find the heart taker. Talk talk talk, Chubee called, class is canceled. Yayy. More time with Syafique. :D I asked him, may I send him to his next class? He said the class is probably canceled and to conclude that, he wanted to sent me to class. Ouh dear, you are oh-so sweet. ;') We tawafed twice before I got in class. It was on purpose. I wanted everyone with no exeptions to anyone to see us - together. ;D

After all my classes are done, Syafique took me out. It was raining. Sheesh. Sorry Syafique. ;| We went to One Utama. Sweetest thing we did? We went to the very spot where we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. Ouh, memoirs. ;') We were both wearing white casuals, back then and today. Tehee. We strolled around for an hour or so before he dragged me to Carl's Jr. for break fast. Thanks Syafique, for the treat. I've told you how big my appetite is. ;D Now you know that, right sweetheart? Tehee.

Bitch almost spoiled my mood by texting him : "Selamat Berbuka" such and such. Sheesh. Go away Bitch. ;(( Know that I hate you much Bitch. Grrrr. Bitchy ah kau ni.

After we joyfully ate, he sent me home. ;l I don't wanna go home. I still want to see you. Parting away is not easy. This is the first holiday after we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. Ouhh~ I miss you so much now! I got his shirt. ;'D Yayy. Now, when I miss him suddenly and could not get him, at least I have his shirt as a substitute. Gosh. I think I'm going to cry. *Sobs.

I love you Mr. Hercules. You're mine and I'm yours and that scandalous Bitch of yours can cry her bitchy eyes out. *Guffaw.

Sumpah I love you, I need you, I miss you.
Aku tak bisa musnahkan kamu dari otakku.

your damsel in distress, Meg.

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