Tuesday, September 29, 2009

please read the tear-stained letter, i pinned it to your door.

Dear Syafique,
I never said this is ever gonna be easy. My journeys had never been in the books of simplicity and easy. There will always be downhills, and so far, I've been through all those all on my own. When I met you, I thought, "Jeez, here's my Hercules I've been searching. He'll help me burden all those away. "I was right. You turned my life around, in a way I had never imagined it would be before. I love you like I have never ever love anyone before. It was beyond words of how I felt (and still feel) towards you. Indescribable I would say. I finally believe I've found the one. I was too quick on my words. The more love I feel for you, the more obstacles came rolling their way to our feet. Him, her, them. Almost everyone is capable of ruining our less shared times together. I tried holding on, I kept telling myself, "These all will soon fade away, just hold on, because you love him and he loves you and your relationship are much too sacred to let it pass by." I tried (and still trying) to be strong and face all these downhills so I would stay happy, with you. I managed so far, though I'm doubting myself, how much longer can I keep this up. I tried (and still trying) to strengthen myself, so that by the end of the day, I can sleep with a smile pasted upon my face, just thinking of you instead of crying myself to sleep. I'm trying my hardest just to make sure I'm not losing it. I don't want to lose you. You're too priceless. I know you are the right choice for me and I hope you made the right one too.

Dear Aza,
You know me better than anyone I know. You know that I much of a forgiver than running amuk all over town. As much as I despise her, you know I won't speak a word to her slimy face, because you know how my own mind works. "I am not like you", you would say. If it were you, you'll speak up your heart. You're much braver than I am. You have more guts. I wish I am more like you. Instead, I keep it all deep down. I prefer crying than speaking out loud. You know Aza, how much I love this guy, and even you admit that he's the best guy I've ever had so far. Those lousy bastards were no match for him. Yeah. I admit that as well.

this is the rudest part of this post.

Dear Bitch,
(I'm too disgusted to mention her so slimy slicky disgusting bitchy name on my blog)
Why in the fucking asshole world should I thank you fucker? It was his choice sucker, not yours. So yeah he loved you fucking very much (note the past tense) but he solemnly picked me, obviously. Hell yeah I'm lucky I got him. Can you stop your fucking bitchy attitude and leave my boyfriend and me alone? Or did you miss giving him love bites bitch? I don't give a damn of how you cheered when we fight. Cheer on. Most of the fights have you as the cause anyway. Cheer on, because indirectly bitch, you'll ruin you own life too. Its karma. What goes around, comes around. You mess with others' lives, someday, others' will ruin yours too. When that day comes, I'll laugh out loud bitch, because you're the maniac who doesn't understand human language. Stop bitching around my boyfriend and get the fucking out of our lives, you asshole. I won't waste my time calling you, trashing you because only low class bitches like you do that. I'm to fucking cool for all those, as a matter of fact. BUT I swear, if I ever see you, I'll pull your hair from your roots and scream out "Bitch" as I go. Then the cops may put me in jail for extreme acts.


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azzaliena suziantie feisal said...

u tau kaannn
jauhh manee u..
dalamm mane prob u..
i tetap dgn u lisa...
pls lisa..
u guys r meant to each other...