Wednesday, September 9, 2009

we can show you, we can prove them wrong.


Last night was uncontrollable. Why did I reacted that way? I just can't stand you. That's why. Wrong timing perhaps? I'm not in the mood for those this week. Heh. BUT I'm not sorry. You unleashed the bitch in me after so long, that felt good. Sheesh.

Ouh Azaaa. I'm sorry for what happened. You know I'm here for you, I'll be here. Call me, text me if you need me. No matter if its 4 am in the morning babe. You know I love you. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Jeez. I have one wish today. Just one wish.
I wish for everyone to dissapear away from me today. Today, as in 090909. 9th September '09. Ok. Take that literally. I do wish that no one will bother me today. Why? I'm trying to make the best of today. Why again? Nine is my favorite number, lucky me, there are three Nine(s) today. Three is somehow a number related to Syafique. Hmmmm. Can anyone fulfill my wish, pretty please?


Got to go. I have BEL 311.



azzaliena suziantie said...

thanks cha..
i tau u olwas ade beside me..
no matter what happen..
i love u cha..
thx for everything...
do take k..

syafique said...

ur fave num baby.

si kecik molek said...

aza ; i love you too, very much.

sayang ; yeah. my fave. <33