Wednesday, October 21, 2009

and don't you know my heart is open.

"Amboi, asyik berkepit sahaja."
"Alah kau, asyik dengan girlfriend/boyfriend kau je. Member bila lagi?"
"Kemana-mana mesti berdua."
"Sakit mata lah tengok orang asyik nak berkepit je."
"Saya tengok awak dengan girlfriend/boyfriend awak asyik berkepit je. Tak boleh ke awak berenggang kejap?"
"Jangan abaikan study sebab girlfriend/boyfriend."
"Amboi such-and-such, dating je kerja eyh."
"Lupakanlah girlfriend/boyfriend tu. Concentrate study dulu."

Honestly, I am hurt. Deeply wounded.

These are some comments on my current relationship. Obviously, it is unfair. As simple as that. Why? My relationship with Syafique is not the only relationship in that particular oh-so grand KPTM. Things might be different if we were the only two people walking around together like two crazy lovebirds. The fact is that we are not alone. There are plentiful more of couples hanging around college as much as we do.

We turn heads. We made people hush and whispered behind our backs. Some people watched us in awe and other with disgust. Mind you, I have never ever bothered anyone else's lives, let alone their relationships.

Honestly, I have never ever turned my back against my studies. Clean example. I have managed to maintain my rank in FAR150 class, the class of 20 students including some repeaters who are still struggling their way through that subject. Not to boast but I know I have done my best in that particular class, the main subject of all, even with having a boyfriend hanging around my neck all the time. I do have my tumbles here and there but I still get high marks in class. Therefore, it is not fair, saying that we are ignoring our studies for our spouses, obviously, that are so not happening in our case. Same thing goes with Syafique. He still maintains his grades. He does not skip his classes.

Such-and-such may think we are wasting our darn time all over each other. Who the hell cares? Go on with your blabbering people. I care less of what you have to say.

It boils my blood just hearing people saying things like these.

Gimme a break. Do victimize other couples as well. Please and thank you. Fuck off will you?


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azzaliena suziantie said...

u bia jeh mangkok tandas tuuhhh
ape hak dirunk
cam bagus...
naseb me xde kalo x
me tye jeh cam ko xkapel..

rileks babe..
asalkan u bejaye dalam kapel n study...
u bukan mx makan ngn dirunk pon..
im here as long as u need me k ;)

love you ;)