Sunday, October 4, 2009

and I'm not imagining how you give me the shivers, standing up to your waste in your river.

Howdy woody. :D
Several "events" had occured. Here goes . . . everything.
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Friday, 2nd October.
I had to skip the whole day today. I had some "severe" problems back home. I texted Syafique early in the morning and told him everything. Later, he invited me to his open house the next day. I told him, I can't promise him that I'll go. I just can't. My freedom isn't self-controlled. How I wish he'd understand. Then B invited me to his open house on Sunday. I told B, I couldn't promise him that. Not that I don't want to. Not that Syafique won't let me go. Syafique insisted me on going. I just don't have the freedom to roam around freely. I'm still living under the classic curfew of life.

Saturday, 3rd October.
Swimming class early morning. Then, I had a medical, skin specialist appointment. Its my damn face. I'm getting ugly. I don't want Syafique to be ashamed of how I look. So I took my own way to get rid of these ugliness. Momma let me go to Syafique's open house. Yayy. I was darn happy. Syafique was to pick me up by 6 but arrived at 7:40. The traffic was indescribable.
We went and picked Aza next. Their first meeting. Tehee. Both were very very (rarely) quiet. *Giggles. Malu lah sangat. Dalam phone banyak lah songeh korang. :D By the way, I was very nervous at the thought of going to his house. *Bit nails. Jumpa mak bapak weyh, cuak lah. Tehee.
Chacharela had to be home by 11:30pm and Prince Charming made sure Chacharela was home on time. Thanks Sweetheart. Sorry because I'm such a lousy person. Going to your house but making you picked me up. Screwed everything huh?

Sunday, 4th October.
I have MGT215 test today. I went to college by train. I arrived around 8:30am. I wore red "Tweety" spagetti strap with matching sweater, just to match myself with Syafique. He was wearing red as well. Menyerlah gitu.

We walked around at Jusco Maluri and Syafique bought me a teddy bear. :D Thanks Sayang. Thanks a lot. Baby love it. I gave teddy bear a name = Johnny. Tehee. Syafique hand-picked it when he first saw it as we roam around, and I fell in love with it when he bought it for me. Terharu. Syafique kept saying "This is all I can give you", and "This is my appreciation for your willingness to be my princess." Awwwww.

I was suppose to go home straight after my test but I could not. I have to tag along with Syafique to B's place. Everyone wore nicely, when me, pakai sweater and jeans straight from college. Sheesh. Malu je. Momma would kill me for breaking the curfew. BUT I have my own personal reasons though these reasons won't be much accepted by Momma.

Syafique sent me home. We left by 3:00pm. Gosh. The traffic was terrible. Where do all the cars come from? I have no idea. I arrived home by 4:30pm. Syafique merajuk and drove away. I was locked outside until 6:00pm. Terrible. Dah la phone biol. I slept in the unlocked car until 6:00pm with Johnny. Sweat all over my face. i quickly call Syafique when I finally got it. I told him about Momma's curfew and he went "Tak suka Baby buat macam ni. Tak boleh pergi takpayah la pergi. Biarla orang nak cakap apa. Baby kan selalu je suruh Sayang buat bodoh, Sayang buat bodoh je la." *Sighs. I still think what I did was right. Jaga hati semua orang.

By the way, thanks for the invitation B. :D

ps : My phone is currently unavailable. Rosak habis tak boleh charge. So, I'm back to the old days, where no hand held phone is around. Classic.


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