Friday, October 9, 2009

i know it isn't easy but try and understand, it's really not that bad.

Isk. Isk.
Its two months. Tsk tsk. Unbearable. This already feels like ages and yet, only two months had passed. Two beautiful months. Two wonderful months. Two joyful months. What next? Two years? NO. Two lives, two souls for eternity. Today was pretty. Amazing. I'm impressed with the flow of today's agendas. I'm glad. Happy. Satisfied.

Happy Anniversary Sayang. I love you dearly.

4 : 45 am.
I woke up. Worried. What time could it be? Am I late? Typically for me, while I become the classic human with no technology available in hand. Life saver is with the lover. Looked around for a sight of time, 4 : 45 am. *Phew. A little nap would do.

5 : 00 am.
I woke up again. Did I overslept? Ran to the other room (basically 5 steps from my door) and woke Elle up. Hmmm. Still early. I need more sleep.

5 : 30 am.
Finally. Got up with a heavy heart. I wanna sleep. Sheesh. Shouted in the girls' room so that they wake up. Annoying sister ; that's me. :D I went back to snoring routine.

6 : 10 am.
Jump in the shower. Brrr. Cold like ice.

6 : 40 am.
Put on Green Kebaya. Tehee. Planned with Sayang. Braided my hair.

9 : 00 am.
I'm LATE! =.=' I ran around looking for Sayang. I found him, he was wearing Green Baju Melayu. Nice. There he is, MY BOYFRIEND. I grumbled. I talked. I sighed. I "Hi" kissed him. He grinned. He was distracted by my presence. I was flattered. :) I went on menggedik all over him before I study - a bit. Oh, I am so in love. Then, I went for QMT 181 class or known as QeMuT. Eyh Sayang? Tehee. After class went to finish off MGT 215 ; MeGaT assignment. ;D

2 : 30 pm.
Reached Lynn's home. Called Sayang. Asked his whereabouts. He came by (luar rumah) and I got myself all over him, again. :P I love you.

5 : 00 pm.
Sit for QMT 181 Test 2. Confidently. ;)

6 : 30 pm.
I found Sayang waiting outside in a car. He's sending me home! *Excited. Traffic was darn heavy. Shouted in car (with passion.) He sang. Saya terkesima. :P

8 : 20 pm.
Reached home. Goodbye is the hardest. ;(

9 : 00 pm.
Called Sayang. Teman Sayang. Sang few songs (with infinity number of off-keys).

Sighs. I miss you Sayang. Good luck for you tests tomorrow. Chaiyok~!


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