Saturday, October 17, 2009

i wish i still had my imaginary friend.

16th October, Friday had witnessed the most fuckerable day of my life. Its all about BEL 311 final draft. I had to travel back all the way to Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam to get my assignment. And I dragged Syafique all the way. =.='

He was not well. And I left him for the most stupidest 3 hours of my life.

The little things you do means the world for me. You're the type of guy I've been searching for. I'm touched that you waited for me despite the long hours. I'm touched that even you were not so well, you were still there for me until the moment I submitted the dying assignment. I'm touched on how much you love me, how much you care for me, how much you wanted to be there for me. It rained, but you were still there by my side. You traveled all the way to Batu Tiga with me, back to Pandan Jaya and even sent me home back to Bukit Jelutong. I'm touched. I really don't know how to show my appreciation as I am not one of those "lovey dovey" type of person. Know that I do love you, I don't want to lose you, you're way much better than the others. I hate it when we have our constant fights. We fight, because we love each other and don't want to leave each other. I'm trying my best to be the person you wish me to be. I'm trying my best so you wouldn't have to groan or sigh every day. I'm trying, for you. I hate her, I hate her more than you hate him. I am able to compromise about everything but not her. I hate the fact of sharing you with her. I hate it that she is still around your life. I hate it. I hate her. I know that I have the littlest rights to stop your relationship with her but I just could not stand her. Its just her.

By the way, finals are coming up. Woot woot.

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