Thursday, October 29, 2009

while she sings she make them feel things, she says, i can sing this song so blue.

Okay. It's 3:50 pm. I texted Syafique like half-an-hour ago. Be he hasn't reply, yet. :( Needing him badly, now. I don't feel so good. My body's shaking. Right now. Sayang, text Baby balik, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?

*Texting with Syafique*

*Sighs. He finally texted back. I want you. It's not fair. I miss you badly. A day without seeing you after all the days we spent together in college is not something I can stand living through. I wanna see you everyday kanda. Only you can make me feel all better although you always claim you have no idea how to do so. Don't you know? Your presence ; that's all that matters. *Sobs.

Can you believe it? We just passed two months. Two? Only two and I'm already addicted like woah to you. Two months. That's slow? Sheeeeeeeeesh.

Remember our upcoming third anniversary date we planned Sayang? *Winks.

ps : Yes. Knowing about your pretty not-so-past with her pretty much brings up a lump in my heart.


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