Wednesday, November 4, 2009

muhammad norsyafiq ♥

Looking back through time, I am grateful you held my hand firmly. And this brought a huge lump in my throat. :')

Remember when we first text Sayang?
A secret identity.
Discrimination was the key.
Initial letter became the clue.
I was labeled a stranger.

Remember when you first call me Sayang?
I was asleep. I stared dumbly at the vibrating phone.
You called again. I am fugly excited. Darn.
You called and finished up your credit.
I slept with a smile grin.

Remember when we instant message together Sayang?
You made me turn on my webbie for you.
You didn't.
You called me while we were instant messaging.
We chatted through the phone with you watching me through my webbie.
It was 4 am.

Remember the morning I mourn you would leave me Sayang?
You were worried.
You called. I cried on the phone.
I didn't want you to leave. I didn't want you to back away from me.
I was in love. I was selfish.
It was the most emotional day for me.

Remember the moment we almost bumped into each other Sayang?
It was a close call.
REALLY close.

Remember our first secret meeting Sayang?
We sat away from preying eyes.
We walked together to class.

Remember our "late-night journey" to Johor Sayang?
4 hours.
I still can't believe we did that together.
It was the night of my birthday,
and you turned it to a special birthday.

Remember when you asked me about my feelings Sayang?
I was shy.
I confessed. You did too.
It was one of the best day night of my life.
That was our unofficial date ; 14th July.

Remember when you chased after me Sayang?
You told me you love me.
I was overwhelmed.
I was touched.

Remember when she wanted you back Sayang?
My heart broke.
You told me you love me.
You told me you're happy with me.

Remember when you "proposed" Sayang?
Lower ground floor.
One Utama.
1818 HOURS.
9th August '09.
We were both wearing white.
You called me beautiful. :')

Remember when we first held hands Sayang?
I held yours tightly.
I bet it was too tight.

Remember when you had to wait for me for 3 hours Sayang?
You were sick.
And yet you waited.
You sent me home too.
I have no idea how to thank your willingness to be there for me.

Remember Sayang?

I love you Sayang. Thanks for being there for me, always. I'm sorry because I always fail to follow your rules. Like you always said, I am a stubborn bitch. But you kept holding on. I may not be as gorgeous as others can be, but loving you has always been the easiest part. No energy is needed. It comes from the deepest of my heart. I love you.



mia said...

hey hey.
this is so sweet. (:
u really do love him huh?
take good care of him okay.
wish u will be together forever. ((:

SYAFIQUE's firstclassbitch said...

:) thx.