Sunday, December 27, 2009

if i could say what i wanna say .

Howdy woody :)

I was just checking out my previous blog and realized that, I don't blog much anymore. Sheeesh. I wonder why? I used to talk a lot. I used to tell everyone my gushiness towards my then-not-yet-boyfriend. I still gushed over him though. I still get those butterflies when I hear his voice or when calls my name. I still sleep smiling after late-night conversations we had nicely. I remember pretty well how deep my crush was on him. Mind you, I still do have those crushes on him. I still get nervous when I look at him. I still get fluttered when he looks at me. I still do. Pathetically, I adore him, even when he's in front of me, really.

I still remember our first phone call. His call. His call that change my nights.

I wonder, how can someone get over something that is so much like a fantasy but in fact a reality?

He's the living proof. I love you Syafique. I always do.


1 comment:

syafique said...

love you too , Ell.
really do.