Wednesday, December 23, 2009

not just for the things you've done for me .

Heyyy. :) Long time no post. Too much had happened especially recently. I was admitted to Hospital Putrajaya because I was suspected for appendectomy. Crazy, right? I remembered calling Syafique Wednesday morning, crying to him that I had a painful stomachache. My mom drove me to a nearby clinic which the doctor gave me a 70% possibility of appendectomy. We went to Hospital Putrajaya right away, straight to the Emergency Unit. I was admitted that night. The next morning, I was prepared for operation. While operating, the surgeons discovered ovarian cyst, or in easy words, was bleeding. It must have looked awful because it took half the day for everything to be done. Anyway, I'm home now. Recovering. Wish me well. :)

Sayang, thanks for coming by. 2 days in a row. I won't forget that. Love you.



★Dakjaat™ ☆ said...

ui... ni yang buat aku takut nak makan cili ni ..... semoga cepat sembuh ... :)

SYAFIQUE's firstclassbitch said...

dakjaat ; heee. yeahh. thx. :)

syafique said...

i wanted 3 days in a row. / all day long.

SYAFIQUE's firstclassbitch said...

but u were not there the 3rd day. u had other, much more important plans.