Monday, December 28, 2009

you know i can if you can , honey , but honey , please don't .


I am not allowed to diet, anymore. Why?

a) My boyfriend thinks I'm too skinny.
Which I think is ridiculous. I'm not skinny. I'm not even close to skinny. I have big bums *winks*, incredibly large thighs, and he thinks I'm too skinny. Sheesh boyfriend! Good thing I love you, I trust you and I don't wanna hurt you. My boyfriend says I should weigh around 55 kgs and I'm like OhMaGawd, that's too much. I now stands at 49 kgs, and trust me, its not a pretty view. I'm short, for god's sake. Being 55 kgs will make me look like a pig. Short and plump. Oh no. But I can't go on my diet, because If I lose weight, he'll dump me. So, got to get those extra helpings in, right? *Winks.

b) Aza dengan Ina pun tak bagi diet.
Huargh. Why la you girls join his forces of keeping me "huge"? Good thing I love you girls as well. Ye la, Ina call je, all she said was "Ha, tu la Kak Lisa, diet lagi." *Shrieks. Tak diet pun okay. See, mr boyfriend tak bagi. (Refer to upper paragraph :P)

c) Idora joins the force. :P
I received a comment from her that goes "Why sooooo skinny?" added up with an angry emoticon. LOL.

So no, I won't go on my diet, even though I'm already plump and on my maximum weight. Oh, hopefully I still can fit through my clothes.

Goal : WILL NOT go on a diet. :D

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