Thursday, April 15, 2010

she was impressed but i broke his heart .

Hi bloggie. Do you miss your mommy? I'm so sorry because I've been unfair to you, my dear bloggie and practice favoritism in choosing Heart Taker Story and neglect you for some time.

Woot woot.

I won't be talking much here. I just wanna share a bit experience I had gathered today, during MGT215 class. Yes, I repeat that fucked up reading-supposedly-EASY-paper, dumbly. >.< successfully :)

The gal pals which I had been randomly put in by none other the lecturer herself had gave me the last, not-so-important slide to present about. Equity Theory. It was mind-bugling that I had prepared nothing to face this presentation. I stood up, empty-handed, shivering all over and creaky voice. Yes, it is that bad when I get all nervous.

- Okay, I knew I said it was going to be short and sweet -

While my fellow group mates are presenting their part to the community of Section 2 MGT215, I was rambling and sending text messages to my boyfriend who is sitting at the back of the class. I made him print out a little note I had in my thumb-drive so I would not look like an idiot standing up front not knowing what to explain. He was late :( He missed my part, and I was devastated. I had been very nervous because he was suppose to be there, and support me from behind.

My turn came, and he hadn't showed up yet. Okay, here goes err... Equity Theory. I remembered I heard myself said something about the relationship between input and outcomes, motivation, yadayadayada. My cheeks were burning, good thing it was dark upfront. I look over my boyfriend's empty seat and sighed. My lecturer, who was sitting next to our desk (mine and his - we intend to keep a low profile in class but will always fail..) was smiling. Geez. I must be embarrassing myself to make her smile like that. As I said "When all else fails . . ." she was grinning towards me and made me think 'Did I had my grammar wrong because she is strictly sensitive in grammar and pronunciation...' Then, I had to say "That's all, thank you." And she said "Good job, thank you."

So, I went back to my seat, next to my boyfriend who came back at the eleventh hour of my part. I sighed deeply and he looked hurt. He missed my part. :(

However, the woman in control of the class turned towards us and congratulated me.

Good job Elisa. I understand perfectly. Very clear and straight forward.
I grinned sheepishly (with a little bit of blush) and thanked her.
Thank you.
Do you speak English when you were small?
Yes. :)

"Until now. . ." added the boyfriend.

Geez. I'm just glad I impressed her, but I am fucked up I made my boyfriend miss my part. :( So I made a promise. I would speak English with my boyfriend starting today. :)

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