Monday, May 17, 2010

and i waited with hope that the phone will break the silence.

I just can't believe it. My boyfriend is already there.Oh, boohoo. He's in UiTM Melaka, for intersession course. One whole month, away from him. To make things worse, he recently lost his phone, so he's using a non-built-in camera phone. No everyday-i-miss-you-pictures updates from him too! Lets add more to the heart-breaking-bucket shall we? He did not even bring his BigBoy (broadband's nickname LOL) for some 'reasons' only I know, so no Skype sessions for us, the whole month. We used to Skype on weekend nights, and that's like when we can't see each other for two days tops. Geez. I hope he's alright. And studies really really really well. His classes starts tomorrow, 3 hours a day if I'm not mistaken. I miss him already. I'm just use to him being close, as close as Seri Kembangan could possibly offer but that's pretty close to me. Oh well. Even if I joined the short course semester, I won't be getting anywhere around him. Its opened only for upper semester kids. (Ha, did I just say kids??) Even so, I'm staying at home, right where he want me. He made Johnny look out for me, and I'm grateful I have Johnny for company. I'll be waiting for you. Its just a matter of time when you'll be home right darling? And and, we'll talk more then. I promise.

I'm building up Heart-Taker Story back because I deleted it few days ago. I'm building it back up 'coz my boyfriend loves it so much, he appreciates it. :) Your story darling, we'll come to life in a month. (More or less, since its gonna take me days finding back those pictures I stole online, hee hee.)

So, here I am, alone in my living room. *Sobs. I even cried to sleep when he called exactly at 1:30 am and said "Baby, they're here. We're leaving now. I'll update my whereabouts okay. I love you".

I miss you so much Boyfriend. We've never been this far more than two days, and you'll be there for at least one month. Gee, miss me too, will you? I love you.


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azzaliena suziantie said...

me too nanti cha..die dah nak balik raub :(