Thursday, May 20, 2010

of all those wishes , you are the most precious .

*Jump of joy! Yayy! He called. He called. Boyfriend called! :D (Yeah, I'm a fucking happy retard right now!)

Boyfriend called. I know, I've said that three times before, but he finally called. Gosh, I miss his voice. :( He's away, you see. AND I've been missing him all these days, because he's busy studying and we have little time to talk a lot like we use to. It is kind of weird that he's quite far, because I used to see him everyday, and I'm not seeing him everyday now. *Sigh. What am I rambling? >.<

"Awak tau tak saya rindu awak?"

That sort of put a grin on my face. Boyfriend, I miss you more! You're Heart Taker Story is complete. (Click the link to check out OK!)

Ok, Ok. Moving on. Since the Boyfriend is far, and I can't really talk, I've been talking to myself like a crazy brat. Yeahh, I have all the conversations up in my head. There are so many things that I wanna share, talk about. Some things I want people to take note of. Like my presence for instance. I went to the field at the corner of my house and screamed "I am HERE! I exist! Look at me, can't anyone see me? I am not invincible!" HAHA, ok, I made that up. >.< I imagined it in my head. LOL. Seriously, I think my head just have everything. I wish I can just live in it, it is so much fun. Everyone just listens to everyone, no one is left out, no one is hurt.

Hmmmm. Oh, and what's with the Bieber Fever? Yucks! :D

Lefty Baby.

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