Monday, May 3, 2010

please, take a step back and breathe. (auto-publish)

"Ever since you've had your boyfriend, you forget you friends."

"What happened? We use to talk a lot."

"Cenggini la kau. Lepas ada balak kau, kau lupa aku."

"Sikit-sikit Syafiq, takyah peduli dia."

"Kenapa susah ha nak cakap dengan kau sekarang? Kau pergi mana?"

I've been thinking about this for quite a while and I think it is about time I'll say it out loud, especially when we're reaching up to 9 months of never-ending happiness. As you know, if you know me well, number 9 really is special so I rather not have any problems there and then.

Alright then, first and foremost, my boyfriend has nothing to do with this.

Syafiq never, I repeat never force me to stop having friends and focus on him. Never. Its just me. Yes, I was not in any relationships before and thus have plenty of time to be there for everyone that means the world to me. However, I am in a serious one here. Very serious. I am making him my first priority, because I feel that he deserves that for making me extremely happy with the way things are.

Mind you, I am not ditching my friends. Nope. I just give less attention to everything else, because I have a boyfriend now. Its okay to call me up sometimes, or send me sms but please respect my relationship and my decisions. I mean, don't say things that might 'corrupt' my relationship. This means a lot to me. REALLY.

Just cause things change, doesn't mean you are allowed to blame him for that. Seriously. He never makes me forget anyone. He encourages me to stand on my own and be with friends. Its just my choice to not do so. As I said before, things change, and I expect people would understand this transition. I need the support, like the support I would give to my friends when they change. It would mean everything to me

Please do. I am not pin-pointing anyone, not at all. This is just generally, regardless of friends near and far. I swear. So please, ease my mind, respect my relationship and respect my boyfriend. He means so much and it hurts me if anyone do anything that could make him sad.

I am begging, please take a step back and breathe.

Syafique's Ell.

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amy.437 said...

do u realize yg you neh one of those 'awek' yg sgt comey! tawu ta? ;DD i do respect ur lotyalty.PEACE :)) tabik spring satu! (^^)