Thursday, May 6, 2010

walk-in closet.

Dearest, heart-throb.
Funny. I dreamed of another touch to create perfection to our future home together, god-willing. A walk-in closet, for you beloved princess here would be enormously perfect. :) Well, besides having a personal private library, of course. Tehee. Here's why. Your little princess, yours truly loves to dress-up, as you know very much Darling. I love dresses and more dresses and would not want my precious dresses to get wrinkled or ruined. I would not want my wedding gown to be ruined too! :P Tehee. Here's an idea. We could totally hide the walk-in closet behind a mirror (Woahh, imagination..) in our bedroom so no one would know our secret. :)

Please, please? Especially, since you agreed on reserving on room for our own private library. :) I love you.

Yours truly,

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