Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a desperate wish. ignore, or not to ignore.

Oh please please please please with cherry on top of sundae, FLY FM.

Gimme those 4 tickets to Twilight Saga back-to-back movies "Slumber Party", that is held on MY birthday! PLEASE! :( Siapa nak tolong menangkan tiket-tiket tuu? :( Saya desperate gila ni. *Screams! Its gonna be a triple treat ;
a) My 20th birthday. (Boo!)
b) Our 11th anniversary. (Yayyy!!)
c) Twilight Saga, back-to-back. My boyfriend and I are Twi-hard fans!
(He is my Edward Cullen, I am his Isabella Swan.)

Shit. I sound like a desperate bitch, with the glam fact that I AM. Aaaaaagh. Nak nak nakk. :(

PS : Sorry. Ingin sesuatu yang berbeza untuk hari yang istimewa. Tsk tsk.
PSS : Dapat makan Durian ; the King of fruits pun jadi lah.

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