Wednesday, June 2, 2010

mercy .

Remember that Mercy episode I told you about? I watched another Mercy episode just few minutes ago. It started with a patient name Bill that is in a coma for 10 years, and suddenly wakes up, miraculously. Everyone freaked out. Yadayadayada. Never mind Bill. I wanted to talk about that newlyweds, where the bride had cancer and had operation to remove the ovarian cancer she had. She lived through it. I was like, yayy, this is so going in my blog. I'm so happy. But she does seem weak, pale. Her doctor told her she needs to go through chemo and sorts. The next day, her nurse were talking with her when she suddenly coughed out blood. They had to put her in coma. She made her nurse promised her to not let her husband see her with machines, and she went to coma. Her husband came in an hour later, but was not allowed to see her. Later, she was dying and her nurse called him. He sat there, held her hand in his, until the last moment of her life. He cried and cried to her lifeless body, made me cry too. :( Even her nurse cried, and trembled when she had to turn the machines off. :( Later, the nurse passed a letter to the husband, that sounded almost like this ;

My love,
Being married for you even for 3 days has been the highest point of my life. It is perfect because of you. Please get a dog now because I didn't let you before. And please be happy.

PS : Saaaad.

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