Thursday, August 5, 2010

but there's a change that has come over me, so before you go, listen to my last plea.

Hi everyone! :) Miss me? LOL.

Anyway, I've been busy running here and there, faithfully accompanied by the Boyfriend. Heee. Yes, he is my I'll-stand-by-you partner. OH how I love thee. Guess what? We are reaching our 1 year anniversary! :) Woot woot. OH, I am so happy, I tell you. I am blessed, I am loved, I am in love.

As the result of being too happy, my weight is also being "happy" and starts to gain itself more and more each day. Ughhh. I'm telling you, I am no longer in my safe zone but I still wanna eat all these delicious food lying all around me.

When I am bored, I wanna eat. When I am happy, I wanna eat. When I am devastated, I wanna eat. Especially when I am furious, I would love to munch something to ease the moods. Jeez. Fatso me. :(

I am trying to lose weight but failing. Boyfriend told me my determination is really not satisfying like it was. He told me, last year, I was determined to lose weight and I did within a week had some changes on my body. HEY, where is that passion to lose weight gone to? Tension bangat dehh.

Baaaah, not much to talk about. Heeee. I am so looking forward for our Anniversary! :)


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