Wednesday, March 16, 2011

of eye candies and mind bogglers.

I watched two movies in the past two weeks, Rango and Beastly.

I have waited for Beastly all my life, literally, or since I read how Vanessa Hudgens was in the movie. I missed one of her movies, Bandslam. It was rather devastating, but I moved on.

I enjoyed it enormously but it was a rather a disappointment. Just because I read the book. *Sighs. I could not resist imagining the story line, the characters while I read it, but it doesn't match up to my expectations. I was not expecting another typical teen flick.

I have got to remind myself : Do not read the novel before watching the movie.

But that's just who I am, I am more a reading-in-the-corner person than watching a movie person. Not that I don't enjoy movies, I certainly do. Its just that novels let me read the mind of the characters, and listen to their hearts desire. Movies, for me are eye candies, that gives my mind how to picture the moment in some scene.

It was like Harry Potter. I so enjoyed the books that I thought I'd enjoyed the movie. I did, only for the first three installments.

AND so was Twilight Saga. I read all four, and was quite a dissappointment with the movie.


I can't remember a moment in the movie that I am not laughing. The sarcasm, the jokes. It was oh-so-tummy-aching. :)

As of  now, I am waiting the moments to catch the most highest cost movie in Malaysia, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. Tak sabar deh. :)

That's all for today. Talk later, alligators.

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