Thursday, July 2, 2009

the little wish list. :P

Here's a bigger, pictorial list to that tiny little wish list there. :))

My birthday is coming up. HAHA. Jeez. Maaaaaaaaaan, I'm getting fatter older. Its unlike me to build up a wish list but it seems fun and I am currently enjoying leisure time, alone. :D I know there are no possibilities in getting any of these but hey, a girl is allowed to dream and I'm having so much fun posting this list. Enjoy! ;)

1) Tons of books.
Can anyone just build me a huge library with never ending number of books in it?

2) Lots and lots of pretty summer dresses.
My gosh. See, how cute that is?
I want this one. Waaaaaaaa. Very flirty. >.< Shirtdress~!!!
Grrrr. I am venting. I love this one.
Going green in hotness. :)
This will infatuate my features. :P
One shoulder dress, please, please?
Classic pattern.

3) Pink Sony Walkman : NWZ-W202 / NWZ-E436F / NWZ-A828.
Pretty please? :)



4) Boxes of After Eight chocolates.

:9 Yummy. Please please.

5) O2 Atom Life.
I've seen it. I've hold it. I've played with it. I've used it. I fell in love with it.
Momma, can I please keep it? ;)

6) Room Makeover.
Like this! ;D

7) V and Identified.

8) New boyfriend perhaps?

9) Suprises!

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