Wednesday, July 1, 2009

i'm always a flop at a top-notch affair, but i've still got my health, so what do i care?

Can anyone buy me this? Comel la ada bakul. :P

A short tale of two best friends talking on the phone. ;)

Aza : Oit. Tadi pergi mana?
Lisa : Tadi Lisa berbasikal la. Driving. Lisa drive basikal.
Aza : Apa dia?
Lisa : Lisa naik basikal la tadi.
Aza : Waaaaa. Lisa isteri mithali seyh.
Lisa : *Confused. Ha? Apa kena mengena?
Aza : Ye la, Lisa goreng ikan.
Lisa : Ahaha. Lisa cakap Lisa naik basikal, bukan goreng ikan!
Aza : Ohhh. Aaaaaaaaaa.
Lisa : Ahahah. Aza pekak.
Aza : Waaa. Lisa jahat.

LOL. Aza, Aza. :P But I still love you. Muah muah.

Anyways. I went cycling today. Heee. For the first thirty minutes, I carried Elle around but she's too heavy that I sent her home. :P I went out again, alone and cycle. Boy, I am so tired! Its been a while since I last cycled and now I'm sure I ain't that fit anymore. Tehee.