Tuesday, June 30, 2009

you know that i'm just the kind of girl that feels so hurt and smiles.

The bomb finally exploded. +.+'
One major problem : Wrong time, wrong place, wrong argument and wrong crowd.

I finally see, I am the cause. The starter. I'd like to apologize to everyone because this is so unlike me. Yes, I am a ticking bomb and one wrong move would just trigger me off. That's just bizarre and rare for me to explode and now I feel bad.

If I had been a good girl (like my ex who never fails to say "Aija, do be a good girl."), none of these would have happened. If I just shut my bitchy-whored mouth and keep quiet like always, it would not be as bad. Sorry to cause everyone such misery. I am the one to blame.

Things were okay yesterday. The day went quite nice. I enjoyed every bit of it. Night came along. I chatted conferenced with Aza and Izzat. Suddenly Aza had to leave our conferencing to calm herself down. Later after that, I went gloomy after reading the comment on my Comment Board. That's when things got out of hand. :| I'm guilty.

Later on, we were conferencing again. Aza, myself and him. Well, not Izzat. And suddenly, I don't know. I was damned pissed off with myself that I shut down the whole thing laptop improperly.

After a few missed calls and texts and 3 short enjoyable phone calls, I cried to sleep. Hah. Typical me. While crying, my stomach grumble hungrily and made things worse. So, I cried hungrily to sleep. LOL.

Again, sorry everyone. This is all my fault. I better shut the hell up after this. >.< Hey you. Thanks for calling. It cheered me up, in a way. :) Muchas gracias.

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