Monday, June 29, 2009

young girl don't cry, i'll be right here when your world starts to fall.

*BIG grin.

HUGE thanks to you ;)
I'm really glad that you actually called after that rough weekend. Sheesh. One of the worst weekend. It was like hell. That call made my day. Tehee. Thanks again. >.< I think my day went quite well today, smoothly. No doubt. I was slightly devastated to learn that my cousins will come tomorrow instead of today (I woke up early to clean every visible mess!) But hey, I am grateful for the smooth day. Yayy me. Thank you God. :D Aza told me about this Disney Movie she just downloaded and I went grrr! Nak jugak lah. :P Its a Disney chick flick about two best friends. A princess with an ordinary local girl. Aza was like, "I yang orang biasa tu, sebab I lagi kasar. I fikir you je kot tengok cerita tu." Awwww. Tehee. I love you lah Aza. Muah muah. :* I listened to PCD's Hush Hush and went like woah! Nice one. Told Aza all about it and she downloaded the song instantly. Yeah baby! You're a strong independent young lady and a guy should not be in your way of living life. Again, I love you lah Aza. LOL. I "skipped dinner" today. Heh. Okay. Not really "skipping". I push aside the dishes and ate biscuits instead. Why? I need to be as skinny as I was before the hols started so that I'd fit into my already skinny wardrobes or I won't have anything to wear to class. HAHA. Does anyone wants to buy me new clothes? :P I loveeeee summer dresses, like Paris Hilton and Vanessa Hudgens. Nak nak nak. *Guffaw. Pushing aside everything that happened lately, I smile, throughout the day. :) I feel great and realized it was the right decision to back off after all. Yayy! Aza was right. Aza is always right. She knows me best. I love you lah Aza. (Third time dah!) Cousins coming tomorrow! Nadia, is pursuing her studies in UiTM and Nabila who decided to take Nursing. We all (the grandchildren) address Nadia as Along as she is the eldest. Nabila who is a few months older than me is the second eldest and received the Angah nickname among younger kids. I'm the third grandchild and youngsters called me Kak Lisa, as usual. :) Ohmigosh. Excited. I have not met Nabila since last year. I bet I will story-tell her everything that happened lately. HAHA. Despite of what recently happened, I am so glad that the holidays is coming to an end. I thought I might die of boredom here. =.='  There. Again, thank you for the phone call. ;) I'm glad that you cared. Tehee. Toodles peeps. Wish me the best of luck for the days to come. xxx Lisa

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