Tuesday, August 11, 2009

and you made me a very happy person.

HOyeah! Hey peeps. Its official. :D He is now my official boyfriend as I am his official girlfriend. Yayy me.

9th August 2009 , 1818 hours.
One Utama, Lower Ground floor.
We were both wearing white. :))

After that, I asked her how I looked. ;P

Lisa : How do I look today?
Syafique : You look gorgeous.
Lisa : (Stammering) Eeck. Eeck. Thank you. *BIG grin.
Syafique : I'm serious.
Lisa : Thank you. *Smile.
Syafique : Or would you prefer beautiful than gorgeous? Because I think you look beautiful. But I prefer gorgeous.
Lisa : *Literally fainted.
Syafique : And the beautiful girl is my girlfriend. :)

Hee hee. You made me a happy person and I could not stop gushing on the way home. I was caught red-handed smiling to myself by my sisters. ;P

Finally! ;P Yayyyyy! I told Aza, of all people first because she is my best friend and I want her to know my new-found happiness. Here's what she had to say : "Congrats syg..i hope u n him akn kekal k..mcm i n pejal..hehe..i nk u n him couple even doe da pts untk byk kali k.." She knows me too well. Thanks babe. I love you. Next, I told Lynn, as she is very excited every time I mention the existence of my "teddy bear". I called her, and Shu was with her. Shu said : "Teddy bear akhirnya bertindak." :P *Winks.

Thank you, a whole bunch of stars to thank you. I hope you will not regret this as much as I won't. :)