Sunday, August 16, 2009

at the end of the day , you showed me the way, i'm never in doubt.

Yayy!! I've made it through my first week with you. :D

I enjoy every joyous moment of it and I'm beginning to realize I'm looking forward for more.

HOyeah. And ever since it turned "official", I can't stop thinking about you. I wondered where you were, what were you doing, were you thinking of me as much as I think of you. *Giggles. I wish I can just keep you to myself, which sound sickly selfish for one person to keep another to oneself, but I really want to. I wish I can carry you around on my shoulder, somehow pinned you close to me so you'll always there, near me. :) Gosh, I'm all gushed up for you. Heeeeeeeeee.

And I enjoy the times when you would walk me to the LRT station, though as you've always said, you walked 2 kms back and forth everyday just sending me there. I wish it wasn't that far but at the same time I'm grateful it is, that it buys me more time to spend with you. I enjoy having you there beside me. I enjoy talking, laughing, joking, quarreling with you. I enjoy our so called first lunch together though it was only me that had lunch with you observing me with a microscopic look in your sparkling eyes. I enjoy it when you would walk me to my class or when I'd walk you to yours. I enjoy looking into your eyes and with relief, they would look back at me. There are so many things I enjoy with you even this blog won't be enough for me to express it.

I love being in love with you Syafique despite you being too low self esteem I would probably run off with someone you think better than you are. I won't, I assure you, online. :D In fact, it is me who should feel that way because as far as I am concern, I'm the less perfect one in this relationship. I do love you and it may seem cliche for me to say I've never feel this way.

Thank you, Teddy Bear for making me all gushed up once more. :)

With care and love,

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