Monday, August 31, 2009

the lack of hope leaves him feeling violent , it's not that he's looking for a fight .

As to refer to one of my previous post ;

Syafique said that the deal, the experiment is off. After one day. After you. I'm being release to the open world from my so-called cage. I'm allowed now, to text anyone. I'm left to judge my own limitations and the differences between before and after, and I'll manage successfully.

Even so that I am free, I still will not text you at all. Its not because of Syafique. Nope. Its because of what you did. I know, if I were to text you, I'll transform into a sarcastic bitch and simply fuck your mind, literally. I won't do that. I'm still sane. I'm still a human being who knows what is right and what is wrong. Its delusional. Just go away and leave me alone or easier way ; apologize.

Can't you see, things are different now. Hello? Have you get your wake up call? Duh~ Lame.

People don't call other their so-called "friend" and hurt them like that. Only selfish people do. Only stubborn people do. Arsehole. Sheeeesh. I can't stand seeing him suffer like that and be that patience. I'm not patient enough to stand you.

And pahala puasa saya berkurang sebab pagi-pagi lagi dah mencarut bagai nak rak.
whatthefuckk whatthefuckk whatthefuckk.

THAT is Super Nova Bitch to you. Thank you.

PS : sorry readers, because my post is kind of rude, perhaps? Chacha is coming.
PPS : sorry Aza, Lisa mencarut kat you. You know why, right? *Sighs.
PPPS : Syafique, I'm here for you. Bitchy or not. I'll stand by you. I'll hold your hand and be there for you and help you get through this for as long as you need me by your side. And not even by an inch will I leave you alone to go through this mess.

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