Monday, September 7, 2009

then we danced underneath the candelabra she takes the lead.

Whatthefuck long time no blog, sorry for that intro.
I logged on to my Blogger's account and BAM!, I realized that my followers grew to 15 people. Yayy! Thanks! Real people folowing my blog. *Flattered. When did I last wrote something here? *Flashback. OH yeah, I think it was Thursday, when he said he fall in love at first sight for the second time. :D

He does know how to make me all gushed up all over him. Sheessh. He knows. Anyway, updates!

Morning sessions only. I skipped BEL 311 because I'm a lazy ass. I went for QMT 181 and after class, ran off to meet my hunk! He was very sweet indeed. We sat there (Student Square terhebat) and made ourselves at "home". Yeaaah. Best. You no likey? I don't care. He walked me to train like he always did.

MGT 215 Test One. I had my boyfriend, taking the same test too. Yeah, sedikit bersemangat. AND he was so ... yummy looking. Comel bangat deyh. Waited until I finished and walked me to train. Too bad, we had a little misunderstanding, I ran away. :( I don't want that to happen again. It sucks! I'm not leaving you! I love you too much already.

He had MAF test and I had FAR 150 right after him. He sent me to station, yet again and I flirted. Tehee. I flirt with my own boyfriend, OK. Nothing wrong with that. Everything went perfectly smooth. *Winks.

Monday. OH Well, that's today.
I miss all my classes today. I was late for the first two, acceptable. I reached college, met Muhammad Diffan and Muhammad Shazlina and they passed me a love letter from QMT 181. Awwwww. My first love letter. HAHA. So-called "love letter". I've been warned. Sheesh. For the first time in my life, I received a warning letter for skipping classes. GOSH. My bad. I've been very naughty. :P But, apart from that, I spent almost the whole day with Syafique. MY Syafique. OH, I love you! I gave him oh-so favourite tee today. Hope you like it. :) And thanks to mother nature's gift, I was darn emotional with him. Sheeesh. Sikit-sikit nak nangis. Kan? Like, eewwww. Don't know why.
Worst first period pain day EVER! I felt SUPER weak. :( Glad he was there, when I need him. I NEED YOU NOW TOO!

Sheesssh. I love you.


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