Tuesday, September 8, 2009

you don't need an education to know the class that you're in.

The People.
a) Miss Akidah.
b) Shazlina @ Lynn.
c) Erni @ Chubby (pronounced as Chubee.)
d) Yours truly, Lisa.

The Situation.
We were in ECO 162 class. Miss Akidah had appointed the whole class to draw the 5 curves she had drawn on the whiteboard. We, that is Chubby, Lynn, myself and Diffan sat at the table right in front of Miss Akidah the lecturer. :)

Chubby : Tengok-tengok buku Law aku.
(Show off her new copy of LAW240, with bright pink cover. Jealous much :P)
Lisa : Eh, tulis lah "Chubby" kat atas tu.
Chubby : Lynn, tuliskan, tuliskan.

I continued the task of drawing copying the Supply Curves straight from the board.

Miss Akidah : Tengok Lynn. Sambil melukis keluk, sempat buat kerja lain.
(Everyone, well, yang kat situ lah, glanced at Lynn.)
Lynn : Hehe.
Miss Akidah : Tengok korang lukis keluk ni, teringat masa saya dulu.
(Flashback moments.)

Miss Akidah : Kamu selalu kena pengaruh dengan Erni kan? (towards Lynn.)
Lynn : Eh, ye ke miss?
Miss Akidah : Ha'a. Saya tengok. Dia gelak, kamu pun nak gelak. Dia bersembang, kamu pun nak bersembang. Dia datang lambat, kamu pun nak datang lambat.
Erni : Eh, bila pulak saya datang lambat miss? Hee hee.
Lisa : (menyampuk.) Contohilah Elisa. :P
Miss Akidah : Ye, contohilah Elisa.
(*Bangga :P)
Lisa : Tengok, tengok. :D
Miss Akidah : Even Elisa selalu dating, dia datang kelas on time tau.
Lisa : (dalam hati : Aiyak. Cerita lain dah. =.=')
Erni : Kitorang dating dengan bantal miss. Tak terbangun.
Miss Akidah : Dari kamu dating dengan bantal, baik dating dengan orang macam Elisa. Dah la orang yang dia dating tu student saya.

Eceh. Terkena pulak. Adoi. Nasib baik miss memahami. :)

See Sayang. I talk about you all the time. <33 Love you much.


syafique said...

really, babe?? i can't see it laa.. =p

ilysdfm "ell" .

si kecik molek said...

syafique sygg : i love you so damn fuckin much too!