Saturday, September 12, 2009

then you'll hold a smile all day from this lullaby.


Highlight of the day : Syafique sent me home ; all the way to Bukit Jelutong, from Pandan Jaya.

Ain't that sweet of him? Gosh. I'm in awe right now. Sayang, thanks a lot. I love you much. It was a long road home and I get to spent the oh-so-long time observing the god's creation that behold my eyes. Jeez, cheesy much? *BIG grin. Put yourself in my pants people, you'll see why. He is oh-so adorable that I do not want to miss a second of the time I have to observe him. He even mime to some parts of You're Beautiful by James Blunt for me. Jeez, I was in awe, touched. Speechless. I could only grin.

Though it was suppose to be a long road home, the time seems to be jealous much of our little shared alone moments together, that suddenly we were in front of my home sweet home. Why, oh why? I have no idea. Its one of those mysteries of the world to be solved by underground scientists who never wanted to see the sun as long as they live. Tehee.

As the moment of parting away gets closer, he mimed to When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne. Gosh. I'm flattered much.

Siapa ada boyfriend macam ni? *Raise hands. Myself, only. ;D

See, I'm so lucky I have you Sayang.
You're lucky you have me. *Hiccups.
We're lucky we have each other.

Thanks again Sayang. You were exhausted. You were tired, yet you sent me all the way. Thank you so much. I do know how special I am for you as much as I hope you know how much you are to me ; priceless.

I love you!

Yours truly.


syafique said...

ouuhhhhh~ ~ ~
i'm melting.... ilysmdfm baby

syafique said...

ouuhhhhh~ ~ ~
i'm melting.... ilysmdfm baby