Tuesday, October 27, 2009

fuck you, fuck you, fuck you very very much.

Peeps. Sorry much. The bomb is exploding. Beware.

HEY bloody bitch,
ONE LAST warning you asshole. Go away. Get off. Stop going head-over-heels over MY Syafique. Stop dreaming he'll be with you. He's not. He's mine. The bloody first-class-bastard is mine. Fuck away, will you please? Why are you so effing cheap? Why are you so effing annoying? Too bad for you you're only his so called scandal. I get to be his princess, his girlfriend. Where the fuck is your wake up call? Ughh. What a loser. Show-offs. He told me how he hated your too sexiness. Hello. Sexy equals to shagging partner only, not lifetime lovey-dovey partner. So what you're in his past you may not be in his future? I am his future. I am. You're just a piece of the past. Shitt. Bloody hell. Fuck away Bitch. Stop saying you love him. You're one fucked up desperate lonesome bitch, itching to get your slimy hands all over my man. Asshole.

I promised him I'll never talk to you again. I promised. AND I made him promise me to throw away all your fucked up stuffs. I hope he'll keep it. OH PLEASE.

And so, I rest my case in peace.



Iqa Gothika said...

woah girl, haha.
gud gud mrh gle kat ex ur bf kan?
haishhh me pun ade prob dgn ex kepada my bf. damnn! i hate her!

SYAFIQUE's firstclassbitch said...

oh well.
not actually "ex".
scandal who acts like a gf.
more than she shud.
smpi skrg.
sbb tu mrh. :)