Saturday, October 24, 2009

i want to live in the center of a circle.

Name one person you think is beautiful.
Vanessa Anne Hudgens.

Name one thing you think is fun.
Flirting with the lover. ;D

Name one place you want to visit.

Name one of your personal morals.
Indirect acts.

Name one of your favorite curse words.

Name one site you visit regularly.

Name one song you think describes you.
I Call It Love.

Name one of your fears.
Autophobia - fear of being alone.

Name one thing you love.
Johnny. ;)

Name one thing you hate.
Small space.

Name one language you want to learn.

Name one occupation you would like to have.
English instructor. ;)

Name one thing you want to accomplish before you die.
Have a beautiful life.

Name one thing you are allergic to.
Low class bitch.

Name one odd fact about you.
I am obsessive person.

Name one funny thing you saw today.
Toy Story.

Name one funny thing you said today.
"Of course she's not your friend, she's your scandal."

Name one thing that shocked you.
He loves me.

Name one time you stayed up all night.
The night before "the most emotional day of my life".

Name one lesson you always hated.

Name one thing that you really can't understand.

Name one day you hate.
I have two, Saturdays Sundays.

Name one person you love.
Muhammad Norsyafiq. ;D

Name one thing you most regret doing.
Losing his ID card. Fucker.

Name one thing you most regret not doing.
Killing that low class bitch.

Name one thing that changed your life.

Name one song that makes you cry.
Ku Ingin Kamu.

Name one time you feared for your life.
9th July 2007.

Name one thing you like about your appearance.
My hair.

Name one car you want to drive.
Mini Cooper.

Name one thing you would give your life for.

Name one thing you like best about your life.
My journey.

Name one film you had to see twice.

Name one thing that really annoys you.
Low class bitch.

Name one time you felt depressed.
9th July 2007.

Name one celebrity you want to shag.
Robert Pattinson.

Name one thing you do every day without fail.
Loving Syafique.

Name one time you felt rejected.

Name one time you felt on top of the world.
Every time Syafique tells me I am beautiful and gorgeous.

Name one friend that you miss.

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