Friday, October 23, 2009

finally found a girl that you couldn't impress, last man on the earth, still couldn't get this.

Some kinky facts for the day about the little first-class-bitch here.
(that's me! peeps. :D)

1. She's little miss obsessive with capital letter O.
I admit that. I am an obsessive type of person. I get obsessed with the people I long for or the things I owned. In my case, especially Syafique. Come clean, I am very much obsessed with that first-class-bastard. Sheesh. I can't get him of my mind, I don't want him of my sight and side. I just want him. *Raise white flag. I surrender. I want him, badly. More? I am also obsessed with the pretty Vanessa Anne Hudgens. One more? I am very obsessed with pink color. So there, satisfied?

2. She's little miss possessive with capital letter P.
That's true as well. I'm quite possessed with the things I have. Also, especially with the lover. I'm possessive over him. I hate it if I have to share him with some low-class-bitch elsewhere. I hate that. I hate sharing with others. *Smirks.

3. She's little miss weirdo with capital letter W.
A-ha. No descriptions needed eyh? I'll skip everything. Woot woot. ;D


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