Wednesday, October 21, 2009

take those dreams and make them all come true.

A : Hey B, Is such-and-such pretty?
B : Fuuuuuuuh.
C : *Deeply wounded* Heh.
B : What? Its true okay. She is.
C : Okay then but cut the sound effects.
B : Why? Heart broken?
C : Dumb-founded look.*Honestly, very much.*

Such-and-such would say that its darn annoying when your boyfriend compliments how gorgeous someone else looks like.
Such-and-such told me, those "compliments" can make us, the girlfriends lose interest. I agree.
Hello? If we're not good looking enough for you, go get some other girls who actually are.
It would be the same annoying feeling when we girls compliment how handsome a guy is in front of our boyfriends.

OH guys, you'll hurt your girls' inner feelings when you compliment another girl to her even if that girl i the world's prettiest woman. They'll take them as their rival. Simple. Its how you'd feel when your girlfriends gushed in awe towards a guy, in front of you. You'll feel like breaking his neck, or kick his butt, or just kill him because your girls are so into them. Yeah. Feel that? Good.



syafiquelisa143 said...

i dont even knoe that,honey.sorry
peeps,that guy was me."syafique".
kick my ass!

sfnh said...

i agreeeeeeeee :D

si kecik molek said...

gracias ina. :D

sfnh said...

heeeeee :D

no need to thanks me :D

mane2 ppuan pun xske kot -.-